SolCafe started as an initiative of small producers from 3 departments in western Honduras with the aim of connecting high-quality small producers with the specialty coffee market, thereby contributing to improving the quality of life of small coffee-producing families.

Wendell Erazo, General Manager at SolCafe Export says “Most of the farms of our producers are generational farms, that is, they have at least 3 generations of being coffee growers, in the communities in which we work, coffee represents the main asset that we have.

“Better prices for producers still need to be achieved, but we are on the way to opening new markets that highly value the quality with which producers are working. Coffee for our communities is the pillar of the economy, 100% of the families are involved directly or indirectly with the item.”

Farms there are planted under pine so they are visually very beautiful, located in very high areas, so the quality is very good, with the consideration that the coffee is dried in the sun, making very consistent profiles.

TASTE: Beautiful notes of soft Caramel, perfectly complimented with grapefruit and raspberry flavours.


REGION: Honduras, Copan, Intibucá, Lempira, and La Paz
VARIETAL: Catimor, Catuai, Paraneima
ALTITUDE: 1200 – 1850 MASL

Espresso Beans 1kg

‘Our roasting day is currently a Tuesday, with ordering "cut-off" Monday at 3pm, so to ensure we’re sending you our coffee at it’s freshest please allow up to a week for a delivery of your order so we can get the timing just right!