Peru was divided into 24 departments before the 2002 addition of the Callao province and a collective renaming to regions. The Amazonas region in northern Peru borders Ecuador and is known for its dense cloud forests, rugged Andes mountain terrain and ancient ruins. The Rodríguez de Mendoza Province lies to the South East of this province, and has a huge importance based on the fertility of the soil. Such microclimates present perfect opportunities to grow coffee, and the Aprysa cooperative offers its 257 members the chance to increase quality via improved access to services such as technical assistance, financial support social services and the facilities to cup the crop they are growing.

The coffee was responsibly sourced by our friends at DR Wakefield and was farmed by the Aprysa collective of women-owned coffee farms in the most remote area of the Peruvian rainforest. These ladies harvest together and combine several high quality microlots into one beautiful and balanced coffee.

The harvest period here is longer than normal due to the larger fluctuations in geography and altitude, and they have a large number of varieties too. Not quite enough room to name, however one per cent of the total crop is made up of Pacamara, Maragogype, Geilla, Estrella, Gran Colombia and Castillo.

Coffee is shade grown here under Cedar and Oak Trees, and cherries are picked and then taken to flotation tanks that day for initial sorting of twigs, leaves and floaters, before moving to fermentation tanks where they will stay for between 12-16 hours. They are then washed again and dried on raised beds or drying chambers before being sorted according to size, quality and taste, and prepared for export.

TASTE: Beautiful notes of soft Caramel, perfectly complimented with grapefruit and raspberry flavours.

REGION: Santa Maria De Dota
ALTITUDE: 1500 – 1800 MASL
PROCESS: Honey Process

‘We only roast on a Tuesday, so to ensure you get our coffee at it's freshest please allow up to a week for delivery of your order.’